Jewellery is articles people use to decorate themselves and the clothes they wear. It has been known and used since prehistorical times.


However, the purpose of a necklace may differ from time to time, from place to place and from one culture to another. The purpose of hair jewellery, waist jewellery, cuff bracelets, rings, etc., is not the same.


Some see functionality in jewellery. A way to style your hair or remove your hair from your eyes might be achieved by a fancy hair clip or hairpin. A way to know the time and at the same time give an indication of your financial status might be achieved by a gold watch.


Main purposes that jewellery has been used since ever till today may be summarized in the below points:



For this purpose, we can place all the hair jewellery items alongside gold brooches, gold buttons, and gold or silver belts that are used to adjust clothes.

This jewellery here is not only used to adorn the outfit, but its main purpose is purely functional. For example, if you want to style your hair for a special occasion, you can use gemstone hair clips or gold hairpins to fit the overall look.


2- Affiliation

Affiliation jewellery may have lost its significance in terms of cultural or tribal affiliation. For example, in ancient times, beaded African jewellery was a way to show a person’s affiliation to a certain group or tribe. But we may still see jewellery nowadays that shows religious affiliation. For example, a verse of the Quran engraved in a pendant or a cross-shaped pendant are good examples of religious affiliation.


3- Social status

This is the most popular purpose of jewellery that has been used since old times till our present time. Despite the different jewellery pieces that may indicate their wearer’s social or marital status among cultures, rings can be the most popular jewellery item that indicates if the person who wears them is single or married.


Apart from rings, nose earrings and anklets are other jewellery types that are used to tell about the person’s marital status.


4- Fashion companion

For many people, jewellery is a complement to their outfits. They choose what goes well with their clothes. Jewellery is only a piece to go well with clothes.


5- Self Expression

This purpose is gaining popularity more & more as the popular trend in jewellery & fashion is toward individualism. Therefore, many people wear jewellery that shows their likes, interests or personal information. The most popular jewellery that can fill this purpose is birthstone rings, earrings, pendants, name pendants, and zodiac charm bracelets.


Whatever the purpose of jewellery is, it remains a great way to feel good about ourselves.

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