Diamond Bracelet Buying Guide for Women’s Bracelets – 12 Tips

Diamond Bracelet Buying Guide for Women’s Bracelets – 12 Tips

If you’re shopping for a women’s diamond bracelet, it’s a good idea to read this handy diamond bracelet buying guide before you buy. We tell you everything you need to know, including how to pick the best style, what diamonds to choose and how to measure your wrist.

1. Choosing the style
If you’re buying a bracelet for yourself it’s easy to choose the one you like. However, if you’re buying a gift for someone, you need to pick a style they love. Read more about this in our expert guide to buying the right style of jewellery as a gift for someone.


Three different kinds of bangles

2. Decide between a bracelet and a bangle
Traditionally, a bracelet is made with a chain of metal links and has a clasp to attach it to the wrist. A bangle is made from rigid metal and forms a circle or oval around the wrist.

3. How should a bracelet fit?
A perfect bracelet should move a little on your wrist, and you should be able to slide one or two fingers between the chain and the wrist. A bangle should have a little more movement than a link bracelet, but it shouldn’t slide over the heel of your hand too easily.

Three different widths of diamond evening bracelets


4. How to measure your wrist
Always measure your wrist just below the wrist bone when fitting a bracelet. You can use a flexible tape measure, or a strip of paper where you mark the size with a pencil and then measure it with a ruler.

A bracelet with square “princess cut” diamonds

5. Women’s standard bracelet and bangle sizes
For link bracelets, the women’s medium size is 18.5cm (7.2 inches). For bangles, the women’s medium size is 6.5cm in diameter (2.55 inches) or 20.4cm in circumference (8.03 inches). These sizes fit most people, but you’ll want to measure your wrist carefully if your wrist is very slim or wide.


A bangle with round and baguette cut diamonds

6. Gold VS silver
The precious metal in your bracelet will influence its price and determine how well it resists wear and tear. Silver is a beautiful and very affordable white metal. However, it is softer than gold, and therefore not as resistant to daily wear and tear.

Gold comes in three main colours which are white, yellow and rose gold. Gold is more expensive than silver, but it’s also more durable and well suited to daily wear. If you want to save money, choose 9K gold which is more affordable than 18K gold.

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