Diamond Bracelet – II

Diamond Bracelet – II

7. How many carats of diamonds?
Diamond size is measured in carats. Bracelets often contain many diamonds, and therefore you’ll see their overall carat weight stated as total carat weight. The carats in a bracelet can vary, from fashion bracelets with decorative micro diamonds weighing 0.02 carats, to tennis bracelets with 10 carats or more. The maths is usually simple. The more diamonds on your bracelet, the higher its price.

8. Do you need high diamond quality for a bracelet?
Generally speaking, the answer is no. It’s true that the better a diamond’s quality, the better it sparkles. However, the good news is that diamonds in bracelets are generally small and therefore you cannot see imperfections in them with the naked eye.

9. What diamond quality is best for a bracelet?
As a rule of thumb, stick to three diamond qualities for bracelets. Premium quality is a great choice for small diamonds, or if you’re trying to keep your budget down. H/Si quality, which is higher than premium quality, looks white, sparkly and beautiful and offers great value in tennis bracelets.
G/Vs quality, which is higher than H/Si, is a superlative quality if you want a very white diamond. It’s perfect for bracelets with 2 carats of diamonds or more. Unless you’re buying a bracelet with huge diamonds, you really don’t need to go any higher than this.

10. What diamond shape is best?
In bracelets, the most common diamond shapes are the round diamond and the square princess cut diamond. You can also find baguette diamonds, which are rectangular. However, in very elaborate bracelets, you could find virtually any diamond shape.

11. What diamond setting should you choose?
There are varying ways in which a jeweller can attach, or set, diamonds to a bracelet. Each type of setting has its own unique look and benefits:

12. On which wrist should you wear a diamond bracelet?
Bracelets are usually worn on the wrist that is not your dominant hand. Most people simply find this the easiest way to wear diamond bracelets. Having said that, there are no real rules, so you can enjoy wearing wear your bracelet (or several of them) on any or both wrists.

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