What Is a Tennis Bracelet? And Why Is It Called That?

What Is a Tennis Bracelet? And Why Is It Called That?

What is a tennis bracelet? And why is it called that? This classic piece of diamond jewellery is a luxurious accessory you wear on your wrist. Its name was invented in 1987, when pro tennis player, Chris Evert, had a little mishap with a diamond bracelet during a US Open rally…

In this article, we explain what tennis bracelets are, the story behind their name, and the different styles available today.

What is a tennis bracelet?
It is a bracelet with a continuous line of diamonds that go all around the wrist. A precious metal chain connects the diamonds. The chain consists of individual links that give the bracelet flexibility, yet hold the diamonds close together.

A classic diamond tennis bracelet

Why the name “tennis bracelet”?
This piece of jewellery owes its name to a famous incident at the 1987 US Open tournament. A women’s tennis pro called Chris Evert served a ball to her opponent so briskly that her diamond bracelet flew off her wrist. Because of that, the officials had to stop the match and help her find the bracelet, before the game could continue!

What is so special about tennis bracelets?
Many people desire to own a tennis bracelet because it is an elegant, simple and luxurious style of jewellery. What’s more, it is also a very practical and versatile accessory because it is easy to match with any outfit and occasion, whether formal or casual.

Tennis bracelet in gold with 2 carats of diamonds

What shape are the diamonds in a tennis bracelet?
Typically, all the diamonds in a tennis bracelet are the same shape. The most commonly used diamond shape in tennis bracelets is the round diamond. But you can also find bracelet styles that feature other shapes, like the square princess cut diamond or even clusters of diamonds.

What size are the diamonds?
The diamonds can vary from large solitaires to tiny ones. Note that jewellers measure diamond size as weight, in units called carats, and they always show the diamond carats of a bracelet as a total, rather than stating the individual carat weight of each diamond.

So for example, the total diamond weight of your bracelet could be 0.60 carats, 1 carat, 3 carats, 10 carats and so on.

Tennis bracelet with 4 carats of diamonds in a rubover setting

What quality are the diamonds?
The diamond quality can vary from premium to flawless. The better the diamond quality, the more expensive the bracelet. However, as a rule of thumb, a H/Si quality is a great starting point for higher carat weights, and premium quality is perfectly acceptable for lower carat weights.

What kind of a setting do they have?
In classic styles, the diamonds are often held in a claw setting, which means that there are four tiny metal prongs holding each diamond in place.
At other times, a rubover setting is used, which esentially “wraps” the diamond in a round setting of precious metal.
A cluster setting means that, instead of single diamonds placed in each link of the bracelet, you’ll have a cluster of tiny diamonds set very closely together, mimicking the look of a larger diamond.
Finally, for tiny diamonds, an illusion setting is used where the metal mimics the facets of the diamonds, making them seem larger.

Tennis bracelet with 3 carats of diamonds in a cluster setting

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