Tennis Bracelet – II

Tennis Bracelet – II

Are tennis bracelets made with gold?
They can be made with any precious metal, including platinum, gold or silver.

What about tennis bracelets with coloured gems?
For purists, classic tennis bracelets can only feature diamonds. But in reality, this is a question of taste. Therefore, some do feature gems alongside the diamonds. Plus there are also designs made solely with coloured gemstones.

Tennis bracelet made with different types of coloured gems

Will my bracelet fall off like Chris Evert’s did?
No. Ours come with a modern double-security clasp that will keep your bracelet firmly on your wrist. (However, we don’t recommend wearing your most expensive jewellery during hard physical activity because you could easily knock it, scratch it or damage the setting.)

Are they worth the money?
Yes. Firstly, a tennis bracelet with high-quality diamonds is a good financial investment. Secondly, it is such a timeless item that it will give you a lifetime of wear and joy. Finally, in terms of sentimental value, it is a highly coveted “big occasion” gift that will often turn into a family heirloom.

Silver tennis bracelet in a rubover setting

Are they fashionable jewellery items?
Tennis bracelets are what stylists call timeless pieces of jewellery, or jewellery essentials. They have gained this status because their design is so elegant and classic that they suit any decade, and therefore they stand beyond passing trends.

Are they expensive?
Because tennis bracelets feature so many diamonds, they can be expensive. For instance, gold tennis bracelet prices can start from around £1000. However, the good news is that if you’re on a budget, you can save money by buying a design made from silver, with sustainable lab diamonds, or an illusion setting.

Tennis bracelet in silver with 0.57 carats of diamonds in an illusion setting

How do you wear a tennis bracelet?
There are no real rules, although some people say that if you’re right-handed, you should wear bracelets on your left wrist – and vice versa – because this is more comfortable. However, it’s entirely up to you.

Can you wear many at the same time?
Yes. These sleek, sparkling strings of diamonds are perfect for layering. This means that when worn together, they create an ultra luxurious look, just like shown in the picture below.

Can a both men and women wear them?
Absolutely. Tennis bracelets can be worn by any gender.

When and where can you wear them?
A tennis bracelet is the most versatile of all wrist jewellery. This means that you can wear it anywhere, anytime, whether it’s during the day with jeans or with a little black dress for a glamorous event. This elegant bracelet will always accessorise you with a perfect touch of understated luxury and style.

Is a tennis bracelet a good gift idea?
Yes. A quintessential gift item for important occasions, it is guaranteed to make someone you love very happy. Consider it perfect for anniversaries, round-number birthdays and other big celebrations. What’s best, is that it will always remind your loved one of the special day you spent together.

Tennis Bracelets in Yellow, White & Rose Gold with Diamonds.

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